The herbs that we source, harvest and bring to you as natural remedies come from the most bio-diverse and untouched place on the planet – the Amazon. This pure and natural part of the world is home to countless plants, animals and insects whose potential has yet to be discovered. 

But while Amazonian herbs may not be the most common alternative remedies, we’re not the only ones aware of the possibilities these plants hold. In fact, over 100 pharmaceutical companies are currently studying the indigenous flora, while harvesting the knowledge held by native shamans and healers in the Amazon.

So what makes Amazonian herbs so potent and powerful that they can nurture the body?

Well, some 80% of the food we eat originates from rainforests, so here at Rainforest, we believe that since the Amazon is already so aligned to our diets, it makes sense that its plants can balance our bodies to promote health.

Rainforest plants are rich in secondary metabolites such as alkaloids. Biochemists believe that such compounds protect plants from harmful organisms and insect attacks, and studies have shown that many of these natural alkaloids are of medicinal value and benefit.

When you consider that there are approximately 3,000 varieties of fruits in the rainforest and we only consume around 200 of those, doesn’t it seem like we’re missing out on some incredible health opportunities?